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Minamisenju Kids & Orthodontic Dental Clinic

Clinic Introduction

We strive to provide reassuring orthodontic treatment delivered by an orthodontist with experience in various cases. Our clinic specializes in orthodontic treatments that cater to a wide range of cases and preferences, serving both children and adults. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments to meet various needs from any age range.

For The Satisfaction and Smiles of Our Patients

As a specialized orthodontic dental clinic, we offer our patients precise treatment. If you are seeking treatment for dental alignment, we encourage you to visit us with confidence. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities at Minamisenju Kids & Orthodontic Dental Clinic. However, no matter how advanced our technical skills may be, providing treatment unilaterally is not enough to truly deliver full satisfaction to our patients. In our approach to treatment, what we value is taking the time to communicate with our patients, to build a respectful relationship. We believe that fostering mutual understanding with our patients allows for a smoother progression of treatment. At our clinic, our entire staff is committed to supporting our patients wholeheartedly so that every patient leaves our clinic with a smile. In general, orthodontic treatment tends to have a longer duration compared to other dental treatments. Despite understanding the prolonged nature of the treatment, many patients express a desire to finish the treatment as quickly as possible, as having appliances in the mouth can be inconvenient. While traditional orthodontic treatments for typical cases are estimated to take 1 to 3 years, we strive to shorten the treatment period as much as possible. Our goal is to efficiently move teeth using treatment methods that make the process more comfortable for patients, encouraging them to continue treatment with confidence and ease. Orthodontic treatment goes beyond mere cosmetic improvements. Without the need for tooth removal, it utilizes the inherent abilities of the human body to enhance the bite and create a beautiful smile. Moreover, correcting malocclusion and misalignment not only contributes to the prevention of cavities and periodontal disease but also significantly enhances the quality of life for our patients.

Merits of Orthodontic Treatment

Changes in Facial Impression

- Adult orthodontic treatment not only improves tooth alignment and bite but also allows for aesthetic enhancement of the facial features, leading to a transformation in the overall facial impression.

Improvement in Complexes

- Many individuals have faced challenges related to dental alignment and facial features, such as those who used to hide their smiles with their hands, struggled to close their mouths, or felt self-conscious about their speech in public. With orthodontic treatment, these complexes can be addressed and improved, allowing individuals to genuinely smile from the heart.


Minamisenju Kids & Orthodontic Dental Clinic Orthodontist Specialist
Erusu Makimoto

槇本 尓舒

Providing personalized treatment for each patient, we strive to bring smiles to everyone.

When teeth alignment is improved, not only does it enhance the appearance, but it also improves functional aspects such as making it easier to eat, increasing the longevity of teeth. This improvement extends to mental well-being, fostering confidence in smiling. Having personally undergone orthodontic treatment, I strongly believe in these positive changes. Providing tailored treatment for each patient, witnessing them smile confidently is the most rewarding aspect for me.



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